Introducing the Farm to Arm® Collection

The idea is simple. Our leather, fabrics and materials are always ethically sourced.


 Discover the Difference

The Farm to Arm® Collection is made of American vegetable tanned leather that originates from US certified organic free-range farms. This collection is 100% American made, which does not support factory farming and minimizes our carbon footprint by keeping all materials and manufacturing local.

Each leather is hand-picked for quality and is prepared with tree bark (sourced from sustainable forests). Our leather is always made without the use of harmful chemicals, free from polyurethanes (plastic), chrome or heavy metals, formaldehyde and other known dangerous chemicals. All colors and dyes are from natural and non-toxic sources.  

Staying in tune with our eco-friendly leather, all of our handbag linings are made of organic cotton, which are dyed or digitally printed with sustainable non-toxic colors, using zero water waste.

The Farm to Arm® collection also features up-cycled fire hose reinforcements that come from local NY fire stations. We do our best to keep unnecessary waste out of the landfill.

As a company, we strive to be 100% transparent. To find out more about the Farm to Arm® collection, our leather, and/or company, please feel free to email We're always happy to answer your questions and share more information about us with our customers.