Handcrafted with Love

All of MacKenzie83's handbags and cuffs are handcrafted by artisans. All styles are detailed and designed in our small studio in New York. Therefore, occasional variations can occur due to our intricate handmade process making each design unique and one-of-a-kind. A safe and above standard work environment is present for all involved in making each item.


Leather Note

We use high quality leather for all of our products.

Our vegetable tanned leather is prepared with tree bark, and is free from heavy metals, chemicals and additional coatings. Due to this process, the naked leather may have scratches, scars and stains. These are not flaws but instead add to the character and style of each MacKenzie83 product. Variations in color and texture are the prized characteristics of using natural and naked leathers. 

MacKenzie83 sources leather materials that are exclusively a by-product of the meat industry to minimize our wasteful footprint. Our Farm to Arm® collection is directly sourced from organic free-range farms in the United States.


Leather Wear

Leather is a natural material, individual characteristics are exclusive to every single hide. Over time the leather will soften and develop a patina that is unique to the user. Daily activities and use of leather items including sun exposure, handling, water, and conditioning will aid this natural process.


Vegetable Tanned

Vegetable tanned leather has unique characteristics and over time, with usage and treatment, will darken and soften. The natural ageing process of unrefined vegetable tanned leather can be fast tracked with sun exposure, constant wear and oil treatment. 


Naked Leather

Naked cowhide leather is a premium soft leather that looks and feels natural. Hand selected full grain leather hides are chosen for uniformity as only the highest quality can be used to make naked leather products. Naked leather has been drum dyed, but no other treatments or finishes are applied. This means natural imperfections are not hidden through chemical processes, as in most conventional chrome tanned leathers. This untreated process showcases the leathers natural and individual characteristics.


Cleaning & Care

Please know, dark denim or other dyed clothing items can rub off and stain tanned leathers. Exposure to water, oil, makeup, and permanent dyes like this can unfortunately leave permanent stains. We recommend avoiding direct exposure to heat, sunlight and liquids, as this may damage the leather. In the event your handbag gets soiled, immediately try gently wiping the leather with a clean, dry or damp cloth. By regularly caring for your leather your bag will preserve it’s beauty. 

We recommend professional leather dry cleaning services. Various leather conditioners are readily available but please read the label carefully to ensure that the product suits the hide or it may cause more damage then good. 

*Please have all leather cleaned by a professional.


Care Steps

01  Wipe your bag regularly with a soft, dry cloth.
02  Do not overload your bag. 
03  In case of accidental scratches, reduce by massaging the skin gently.
04  Store in the dust bag for minimal exposure to dust and the elements.
05  When not in use, stuff the bag to maintain its shape.
06  Protect from exposure to extreme sunlight and humidity. 
07  Avoid contact with grease, mud, dirt, rough surfaces and rain. 
08  Extra care should be taken to protect white and light colored handbags. 



Our leather pieces are a natural product, and will wear over time as such. We encourage you to envision our accessories as a beautiful evolution, just like a quality pair of jeans, or your favorite leather boots.

In the rare event that you have a defect in craftsmanship or structural integrity of the hardware, we will repair the product to the best of our ability within 12 months of purchase. If the issue is unrepairable we will replace either the section (ex: handbag strap) or full product upon careful analysis. This excludes general wear & tear. Postage cost will be covered by MacKenzie83, unless damage occurred from customer.



For additional info please email info@mackenzie83.com